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London Brixton   United Kingdom
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Musician and producer.Guitar, bass guitar, mixing and mastering.

tears stone

1 File, 11mo+2dy ago
guidaseag guidaseag, joel_sattlersongs, HeavyVibrationStudio

Sad Cafe

Hard Rock
61 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
PaulsPercussion PaulsPercussion, HeavyVibrationStudio, AndyGupta + 4 more

Almost Free

1 File, 2yr+2mo ago
michaeldasaro michaeldasaro, HeavyVibrationStudio

Cut to the quick (Heavy Vibration Studio)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
9 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
peterrand peterrand, drumdawg, HeavyVibrationStudio

The Devil in me

2 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
Peel Peel, HeavyVibrationStudio

Cut to the quick

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
15 Files, 2yr+5mo ago
peterrand peterrand, HeavyVibrationStudio, nadirbass + 1 more

Morons will try everything (that's exactly how u spot'em)

51 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, liljoe6string, antonklinkt + 4 more

Beautiful Foxes (Fur Coats Planet)

Indie Rock
31 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
IntervaloLucido IntervaloLucido, HeavyVibrationStudio, Skookum + 2 more

Messing about with my mate David Guetta on a yacht... in Ibiza

8 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
Mysterian Mysterian, HeavyVibrationStudio, Rolf

Fa For Funk

24 Files, 17 days ago
engels engels, HeavyVibrationStudio, liljoe6string + 2 more