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A rabbit is a mammal.

Down for almost anything with the exception of fusion and proggy stuff in spastic hypercomplex time signatures. Doom, stoner, and classic metal yes, most other metal no.

Charlie Watts, Kenny Buttrey, David Robinson, Roger Hawkins, Jamie Oldaker, Simon Kirke, Phil Rudd, Earl Palmer, Dennis Davis, Alan White, Jody Stephens, Clyde Stubblefield, Steve Jansen, Ernie Earnshaw, Warren Cann, Jim Gordon, Jimmy Chamberlin, Al Jackson Jr., Mick Avory, Andy Sturmer, Mick Fleetwood, Ronnie Tutt, Mick Tucker, Mark Keen, Frank Parker, Vince Ely, Paul Thompson, Kenney Jones, Micky Waller, Hugh Grundy, Stephen McCarty, Alan White, Hal Blaine, Bill Kreutzmann, Levon Helm, James Stroud, Brian McGee, Jim Capaldi, Gerry Conroy, Gene Chrisman, Matt Johnson, Stan Lynch, Tony Thompson, John Robinson

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Skookum did the heavy lifting here!
A lovely tune; sadly, it appears to have been abandoned by its creator.
This part wasn't accepted for the final mix, but I like it.
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