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2013/ l just love music, love to create with no limitations no lines being drawn. Don't like boxes. unless they have very pretty wrapping and a bow :)

2014/ ok so every time l log in it keeps saying to give you more so here goes :) l do not like long romantic walks on the beach l like the beach when a storm is hitting and watching everyone run away because they don't want to get wet ha :) xo keep checking for more updates to my story :) xo

l am a Leo :) watch me roar!! lol xo

time to share again :)

l like knock knock jokes ;/ even the unfunny ones hehe why! Because l like to see others shine and smile :) xo

oh!! and l won't eat anything that is purple :) xo

Hey all xo Have missed my wonderful friends here xo

2015 been a big year for me :) i have been blessed through this year with some magic moments that have inspired me in music :) so l will have to come and play soon with ya all and share.

l have met some amazing people who have shared their hearts, souls and stories with me. Some who have touched me in ways hard to explain. l am growing more by having such in my life, learning more about myself along the way.

Life is a colorful canvaz and my picture and story for history is that of passion, blue rains and sunshine.

Love you all and l can't wait for holidays here so l can come and play xoxo HunnyG

2015 end of year was so hard to believe all that happened... To loose ones heart, soul is numbing.

l will always love you my Georgie and l know we will see each other again. Till then l will remember and dream of you.

2016 lets see what you have got ahead for me and kids....

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