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Cape Girardeau Missouri   United States of America
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I've currently been playing the saxophone for 15 years. Though I haven't gone to college, I still do my best to practice as much material as I can everyday to further develop my skills. I've also gotten into mixing and mastering for the past 6 years, but haven't had the chance to work on much aside from my own music. Remember, "Every note has the potential to create one more smile."

Mrs. Fong (featuring Anthony Cook)

Smooth Jazz
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Let's Move

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Blues a Callin'

Contemporary Blues
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House Call

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Bla Bla Me ME Boo Ooo

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(She's a) Freak Of Nature

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Finger Funk

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Gone feat. Anthony Cook

Smooth Jazz
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It's Like That

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Delele (needs real instruments)

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Christmas Memories

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Stay Sharp But Don't B Flat - Featuring Derek Ryan Edwards

Contemporary Jazz
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Emerald City

Smooth Jazz
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Fire, Shut Up In My Bone

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Emerald City (Everybody Spin)

Smooth Jazz
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Sweet N Cloudy Sela Sings

Smooth Jazz
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Blue Winter

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Fuzzy Rhythms

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OneTear Drop Spinoff

Adult Contemporary
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Emerald City (Guitars Version)

Smooth Jazz
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Sweet N Cloudy

Smooth Jazz
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Seasonal Drift

Smooth Jazz
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Chill N Da Bone Yard

Smooth Jazz
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My Honey Bone

Smooth Jazz
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Kool N Da Groove

Quiet Storm
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You Never Listen

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