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On vacation ...

I may or may not be here ;)

I have no "real" training in music ..

But .. I'm trying to learn!!!! ;)

I do like to have fun ... and sing loud and obnoxious ... I am good at animal noises .. especially .. barking and meowing ..

But .. again .. I have a job and this is not it :)... this is my crazy hobby

I always split any proceeds equal...

to date .. that would be $0..

(Pedro said we made $.05.. but I don?t know where that is ...... lol.. just heard the story of it!! )

Anyway .. that is that !! :)

(One more thing .. I have been married over 30 years and have 4 kids .. a dog.. a rabbit .. and a turtle .. ) ..

Abbie Sea is my oldest daughter and the one who introduced me to this amazing site and encouraged me to try to write and sing -

Thank you .. to her and all of you for your kindness and encouragement

...for sharing your heart of music :)



Basically ... I just try to harmonize with the sounds of the universe around me by

Adding their sound to mine and..

My sound to theirs ..

My Showcase Tracks
What if...;
I is for "illusion" blue eyes aren't really blue :)
My first song 3/2015.. Recorded on a cell phone and emailed to James.. He took pity on me :)
Nicola and Kim.. Such an honor to work with them :)
A fun one with Pedro, James and Nigel.. One of my first attempts at adding lyrics/singing to music.
Thanks to my kompoz mentor .. James Frazer, for helping me rediscover my song in 2015 :)).
The big lie... Spin offs welcomed!! :)
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