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On vacation ...

may or may not be here ;)

I have no training in music

and to be honest ..

I am old .. and..

I am tired of people trying to train me..

I do like to have fun ... and sing loud and obnoxious ... I am good at animal noises .. especially .. barking and meowing ..

But .. again .. I have a job and this is not it :)... this is my crazy hobby

If you invite me .. then I shall assume

You will let me set up my own collaboration using your tracks.. if you choose not to use my idea ..

of course...

I always split any proceeds equal...

to date .. that would be $0..

(Pedro said we made $.05.. but I don?t know where that is ...... lol.. just heard the story of it!! )

Anyway .. that is that !! :)

(One more thing .. I have been married 29 years and have 4 kids .. a dog.. a rabbit .. and a turtle .. ) .. I need no more children !!

Thank you .. for sharing your heart of music :)



Basically ... I just try to harmonize with the sounds of the universe around me by

Adding their sound to mine and..

My sound to theirs ..

FREEDOM thru respect ..

survival ... thru HUMOR

For .. i thought I knew

But now I know I don't

My Showcase Tracks
What if...;
I is for "illusion" blue eyes aren't really blue :)
My first song 3/2015.. Recorded on a cell phone and emailed to James.. He took pity on me :)
Nicola and Kim.. Such an honor to work with them :)
A fun one with Pedro, James and Nigel.. One of my first attempts at adding lyrics/singing to music.
Thanks to my kompoz mentor .. James Frazer, for helping me rediscover my song in 2015 :)).
The big lie... Spin offs welcomed!! :)
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