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I started my musical journey when I was 6 years old with violin. Back then I really didn't like it, cause my teacher made me play etudes after another.  4 yeas later I grabbed my dads guitar and started to play Kiss, Wasp and AC/DC. After that I've tried to learn as much as possible from every instrument and aspect of music. Genres I'm somehow fluent at the moment are rock, pop and heavy (not black-/death metal).  My gear:I've always tried to keep my setup small, efficient and mobile. I can grab my instrument and studio and take it to where I want. There's always possibility to use "bigger guns" afterwards and bring recorded tracks to a professional studio, if needed.   Several guitars: Ibanez 4-string bass, Parker PM-10 Guitar, Ibanez acoustic 6-string, nylon string guitar, Yamaha EZ-EG Some ethnic instruments (lots of different small percussions, djembe, kantele and a small harp)Ibanez soundgear electric bass with some bling bling and nice laser carved flowers on pick-up guardEdirol UR-80 DAW controller, Line 6 soundcard, Presonus FP10Laptop, Desktop PCSome good condensator and dynamic microphonesGuitar effect pedalsHeadphone ampMidi keyboardHeadphones, miles and miles of different cables, stands....Cakewalk Sonar 7,0 

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