ItsaVerb Bernard Rominski

Farmington MN   United States of America
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Hobbyist looking to write an accidental hit and win a grammy. Or just have fun with music. Either of those are good. :)

My skills as a mixing engineer are improving. My songwriting skills are improving. It's all improving, for the most part. My most solid talent is playing guitar. I can cross genres pretty well, have decent chops, and a good knack for adding something interesting to a piece.

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Adult Alternative
4 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb

Funk's Spunk

Drinking Songs
21 Files, 2yr+11mo ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb, Balthazarb, DocDaFunk


Adult Alternative
26 Files, 2yr+11mo ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb, Balthazarb, silverhealer + 1 more

As Far As This Can Go

Alternative Country
14 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb


Indie Rock
18 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb, Balthazarb, FIGSOUNDS


Adult Alternative
2 Files, 3 years ago
ItsaVerb ItsaVerb