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I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is one day :)

but for now I'm over worked stressed out heart rate that would kill most it's a fraternity of assassins thingy.

No I did not buy a guitar to punish my maw my father bought it for me and taught me the basics he also bought me a 50 cal but that's another story :)

I like all types of music but I mostly play off the wall stuff cutting edge but ever once in a while, I go back to the roots and them roots are da blues!'s in the MEMEs

Ivan cant

Is a cold war idiom I used to describe a child hood friend. Who I would play Chess with and debate politics of the former Союз Советских Социалистических Республик. Ivan cant make it to school, Ivan cant fix his MIGs, Ivan cant keep up his walls. It later became the name of a Starship and a book I have been writing but that is another story and video.

My Showcase Tracks
Wrote on My Gr-707 Guitar Synth and G77 Bass guitar Synth and me screaming vocals through a Sure Sm7B one of many songs I have about putting young things through college :)
Little tune I wrote about writing and playing music how giving and unforgiving it can be
This Song is really to my addiction of dating short hair college babes on campus back in the day Who always seem to be locked up in their dorm rooms hidden away listening to the Cure or Smiths I enjoyed bringing them into the light so to say even converted a few. And thanks to liljoe6string for laying down a clean acoustic guitar strumming track mine was horrid
I wrote around the time of the Dallas Sniper killing police officer listening to so many good men and women that I know start going down a downward spiral the thin blue line or red line from the military boys and girls asking is it really worth it and just quit and let it all burn. While the media I.E Fake News pushing there left wing agenda to take guns away from legal owners and the lemmings chiming in with obscure videos blaming Benghazi among many other things on a video to take more our your rights away. "Mission Complete" They joke with me and say we are so glad you are on our side. They know I put fires out with gasoline thus my saying to them I have a rocket launcher it is to remind them of the last time we had a go at it We Americans Killed more of each other than all Wars combined since our birth.
Little Blues Tune I wrote and kompozed Davidw steped out behind his guitar and laid down some killer Mojo Vocals
This was a Spin before there where spins of one of my Psychedelic Classic Sudan that Johnny Watermelon and I push back out back in Dub-step and it has taken a new life of it's own.
Kompoz is like a box of chocolate you never know what ya going to get David Wright guitar playing on a tune I put up called The leaving inspired me to do this Spaghetti Western/Quentin Tarantino rendition and also do video with David Wright Playing
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