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I play guitar, but I love to play bass...

I really like kompoz and I like to work together with other people around the world...

People on here are generally great but then you get a few bad apples... It's the real world, after all... :P

Please watch my youtube channel:

Cheers! : )


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This song is my new baby... I recorded, edited and produced only on a weekend !! I wish all songs flowed like this one.. Just started with the initial melody of Robert Smith and then Gerry Finan made an inspiring lyrics... I love working with these two guys .. They are really good and humorous... :D JB
TRIBO DA LUA - Lyrics- André Cabrita/JB2012 Music- JB2012
So cool ! :)
Another great Stoman song with Kim Noble ... They are cool ;) JB
A really sweet song... :*
Magic song...
Really nice chorus...
I can't stop listening this too :))
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