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I've been composing music most of my life.

Most of the songs I wrote in the past were put together on the piano, but with modern keyboards, computers and mixing software, I've been able to generate more comprehensive productions. Kompoz takes everything one step further in that I've gained access to a multitude of talent around the world to fill in parts and add new flavor to my music. What's more, using sites like, I've found an affordable way to pay for assistance in music production where voluntary collaboration falls short.

Seizing on this new virtual way of producing music, by the autumn of 2013 I had assembled enough "kompozitions" to become an official artist - "Kompozer" - and release a CD of songs I devised on my own, in collaborations here and through hired help.

In November of last year my 15-track album, "Trinity", was released to the world via as well as through the various internet portals for delivering new music including Facebook, ReverbNation (where I've ranked as high as #3 in the world for Christian music), SoundCloud, MySpace,, etc. What's more, I put together music videos for several of the songs and posted them on YouTube.

Now with some completed songs with which to work, I'm investing in marketing through Facebook and YouTube to bring attention to the music that's been produced.

My homepage is at

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