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Hey, I'm an aspiring bass guitarist/songwriter that is looking to collaborate with other musicians and singers on their songs.

Bio: I first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 and I would diligently practice until I until the notes and chords sounded the way I would hear my guitarist playing. Soon after learning guitar it wasn't that long before I was able to pick up Bass and eventually MIDI Keyboards which from that moment I decided I wanted to be A Music Producer/Composer and I immediately started uploading tracks one Bandlab which over time I started seriously mixing and mastering full instrumental tracks/beats. As I travel towards my goals of becoming i hope to work with singer, rappers and other musicians whether it be producing for them and or also playing instruments on there projects.So far my best collaboration projects was playing bass guitar to Nick Robb's song "Some Of Them" : https://www.bandlab.com/oaken/new-project-13