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Bass is my weapon of choice. 

Epiphone embassy standar V 5 string bass is my bass of choice

Vantage 4 string fretless bass used for some funky sounds

Mesa M9 carbine 900 watt rack mount head 

Mesa powerhouse 4x10 cab

Line 6 Relay G90 300 ft guitar wireless system

Various bass effects pedals.

some of my other equipment includes:

Epiphone 58 explorer... latest axe added to my collection

MANN les paul copy... great vintage sound. still has the original pick ups from the 60's??? I'm not sure of the guitar, it was a gift from a former teacher.

Takemine Jasmine acoustic.

M-audio C400 fasttrack usb recording interface

Apex wide diapraghm cardioid condenser mic

Shure SM58

Pop filter

studio headphones

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