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Singer/Songwriter. Been with a family band for years and years. Love creating... Anything... All the time... ;)

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I wrote this song after feeling really discouraged that there was so much need in my hometown, yet a huge church on every street corner. As a Christian myself, I asked why is there so much need yet so few willing to help? Thanks to Andreas for taking my crappy guitar playing and making another sound that was beautiful!
Nicola, Anton, James, and Me... A song dedicated to my momma diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. One of the most meaningful songs I've ever worked on. Thanks for your grace, love & gifts, gents! <3
My first real rock song. Could not have asked for a better crew. Thank you so much, Emanuel, Tim, Chile, Jean & Nigel! <3
Honored to be among the funk masters of Jean and Gemini! :) I did the vocals and lyrics to this one.
Chris is just incredible!
Two of my most favorite musicians to work with on this site. Thomas and Alex! It's raw, real, and folky. Just my kind of song! LOVE THIS! <3 :D
Mark Adams wrote this incredible guitar piece and then spoke about what he wanted to say about the Piece of Mind. It inspired me so much. I wrote what it meant to me and sang it, with tears in my eyes. That's when you know you have something great. I'm grateful he allowed me to express, with him, what the song's meaning was to me. Andreas of course added his incredible engineer work.
A labor of love and vision that came to fruition! :) We all worked so well together and I hope they love it as much as I do! <3
Still on my repeat. Eilis's lyrics are like Don McLean. Interpretive and unbelievably well written. Then you add Chris's amazing guitar work. I was honored to sing backings. <3
Still love this version. :) Dazzos is da man! :)
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