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I mix stuff.

Some saI I actually know what I'm doing.

If it's rock: soft, hard, heavy, experimental and alternative - do ask. Other genres I may or may not be confident mixing, but I'd certainly give it a go. :)

Before you PM me:

I ask that all files are available and ready to mix.

I also ask that I am allowed to use the result in my work portfolio on my website and elsewhere online. Always including link to you and the project.

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My page of words, music, this and that and the other here: House of Imp Studio at

For off-site studio related messages, please use: at

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Co-producer, vocalist, lyricist, and somewhat neurotic artist in Icarus Machine - Melodic metal)

https://Icarusmachine.comIcarus machine is Bill Babcock, Ben Theobald, Jordi Ribas, and Jenny K. Brennan

Coming soon: EP Fragile to be released shortly.

Be well, always.


My Showcase Tracks
Defiance (Fragile 2020)
My Gothic Bride. Srhangover and Sriracha. How could I not? :D
Here's the deal, here's the word, here's my story. Billy, Tony and Anton; How can it get any less than fantastic?
Robo Kim and Hibi on this long work in progress. Done. Finished. About time. :)
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