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Vocalist and lyricist. Every now and then songwriter and "composer". That's what I think in any case. :)

I am again open for invitations.

A few things before sending an invite:

A proper tracking mix is a must, seriously. I can't track vocals on a mastered mp3.

If you want me to write lyrics - that will take time.

If you want me to completely figure out the melody - that will take time.

However, even with lyrics and a vocal guide, I tend to change those as I get inspired. :D

I am not reliable and from time to time out of commission. Don't let that stop you from reminding me of promises made.

And finally: If the music doesn't move me in some way, I am not a good choice. I prefer working with metal, prog, electro-rock type stuff. Soft rock on occasion, spoken word pieces for sure.

. I suck at background vocals. I hate jazz, country, and classic rock. and please don't bother me with happy jolly upbeat pop. Okay? :D

Happy kompozing


My Showcase Tracks
My Gothic Bride. Srhangover and Sriracha. How could I not? :D
Here's the deal, here's the word, here's my story. Billy, Tony and Anton; How can it get any less than fantastic?
Robo Kim and Hibi on this long work in progress. Done. Finished. About time. :)
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