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Phoenix Arizona   United States of America
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My name is Jorge [Horhey]. I live in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert. I am Hispanic Euro. I play only the violin and started when I was 9 years old.

I love beautiful, expressive music, as well as new age, fusion, flamenco, pop, rock, and bluegrass. If I have a native style, it is definitely improv and romantic.

I play acoustic and electric violins, but I record only with solid body 8-pickup Zeta 4-string electric violins, custom rebuilt. I record like an electric guitar using Sonar and Presonus Studio One plus external Lexicon and Alexis effects.

I am very interested in piano/violin and acoustic guitar collaborations

My main music page is

www. reverbnation,com/jorgeburrage,

37 songs live and studio.