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Beatles, Beatles and Beatles. Genesis, The Police, Joe Jackson, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Ian Dury, Gentle Giant, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Yes, Joe Satriani, Stevie Wonder. Those were just a few of my school day heroes. And some still are. Together with KT Tunstall, U2, Snow Patrol, Foo fighters and many others.

Played bass in a band for some years when I left school. We composed our own stuff, did some gigs, had fun and eventually split up. Back in The Seventies of the second millenium.

I married my wife, we raised two lovely kids and I embarked on my (direct) marketing career. In 2004 I picked up on creating music again. A dear friend introduced me to Reason and ever since I'm hooked. It's all the software I use and need to express my ideas. Without any theoretical musical background. I play it all. By ear. Only limited by my own creativity.

Over the last years I published 20 virtual CDs online. All covered by my alter ego Justus ( My very own Reason-music, with some of my vocals on the latest albums. But I'm very much aware of the limitations of my vocals. So that's why I started JustVera: my music and various singers. My goal is to record/produce awesome rock/pop. Just for the fun of it. And if commercial possibilities pop up: fine. Then we'll take it from there. I think my clips ( and and mp3's ( tell a lot about the range of styles JustVera is covering.

As for the perfect future, I really would like to build songs together. Preferably with lots of mutual feedback, where musicians would not only provide vocals, but also the melodies and lyrics. And real instruments of course. But these kind of collaborations surely have to grow.

Can you relate to my kind of music? Would you like to give it a try? Join the JustVera family? I really am looking forward to hear from you.

Btw Check out the latest album 'RAW and RECKLESS' -with loads of Kompozers- on

(Or visit

My Showcase Tracks
This poppy tune goes way back. In fact it was sound asleep on Kompoz for almost two years. Then Todd W. came up with lyrics and vocals. Spot on! Dan Rosati added some brilliant saxophone and we're done. 'No need to be scared': a wolf in hamsters clothes.
'Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible' (Frank Zappa). When I heard Christine Linge's performance of Mike Mantecon's lyrics I stopped breathing for a moment. 'Fit the mold'. Sheer beauty. So I put her voice in the center and just added some arrangements to create some extra tension. And then I discovered Jannik Gade's acoustic guitar. Just amazing...
Steve Winwood did it once. Oasis wasn't bad. But 'Roll with it' by JustVera is something else... BrotherRat at his best. Both lyrically -parental advisory- and vocally. With the help of liljoe6string and blaze345 of course. Three minutes of powerpop with a wink. Just love it.
'Drops of Rain' is the heartbreaking story of the tragic loss of John Heavern's little sister. Words that cut, recited by himself. The singing part is convincingly performed by Louis Marchena. JustVera with a bleeding heart.
Desperately passionate... Ian T.'s vocal interpretation of my lyrics. Amplified by his own rhytm guitars, Chris Bouchard's drums and Jean Lui Toudou's slapping bass. A song I wrote and recorded five years ago, but which was reborn today: 'Tear out my heart'.
The original idea for this song originates from years ago. After a first impulse by Suzann Baldwin -only the title is what's left of her lyrics- and fresh guitars by Olivier Demaine, this track started to gather dust again. Until Steve Rice came along and added his lyrics and convincing vocal performance. Doubt, anger and hurt as being part of love...
Of the three versions of 'Every dog has its day' this jazzy one is my favourite. But you might prefer the pop- or hardrock-version. (Check !) All thanks to Steve Rice (lyrics&vocals), Dan Rosati (saxes), Bill McCarthy (drums), Gabro Jazz (Rhodes) and Jeff Dalton (bass). Them jazzcats rule...
Haunting vocals by Cali Beach trying to make the angels weep. Catchy riff and exciting sounds. Wandering spirits of John and George. A powerful layered lofi magical mystery tour if you ask me. 'After all'. Just love it.
With a minimum of lyrics and a maximum of magic: Unleash the hounds. Featuring Steve Rice (vocals) and of course the one and only Sven-Martin Keil on saxes. Sheer class...
Bryan Shoemaker (lyrics), Tarjei Skarlund (vocals), Thomas Hjorth (guitars), Jon Garcia (bass), Bill McCarthy (drums) and Alice Minguez (choir/backing vocals). ('Dangerous men' appears to be recorded in front of an exuberant BBC audience:-). Some statement.
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