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Beatles, Beatles and Beatles. Genesis, The Police, Joe Jackson, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Ian Dury, Gentle Giant, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Yes, Joe Satriani, Stevie Wonder. Those were just a few of my school day heroes. And some still are. Together with KT Tunstall, U2, Snow Patrol, Foo fighters and many others.

Played bass in a band for some years when I left school. We composed our own stuff, did some gigs, had fun and eventually split up. Back in The Seventies of the second millenium.

I married my wife, we raised two lovely kids and I embarked on my (direct) marketing career. In 2004 I picked up on creating music again. A dear friend introduced me to Reason and ever since I'm hooked. It's all the software I use and need to express my ideas. Without any theoretical musical background. I play it all. By ear. Only limited by my own creativity.

Over the last years I published 20 virtual CDs online. All covered by my alter ego Justus ( My very own Reason-music, with some of my vocals on the latest albums. But I'm very much aware of the limitations of my vocals. So that's why I started JustVera: my music and various singers. My goal is to record/produce awesome rock/pop. Just for the fun of it. And if commercial possibilities pop up: fine. Then we'll take it from there. I think my clips ( and and mp3's ( tell a lot about the range of styles JustVera is covering.

As for the perfect future, I really would like to build songs together. Preferably with lots of mutual feedback, where musicians would not only provide vocals, but also the melodies and lyrics. And real instruments of course. But these kind of collaborations surely have to grow.

Can you relate to my kind of music? Would you like to give it a try? Join the JustVera family? I really am looking forward to hear from you.

Btw You might also want to check out the fruit of loads of Kompozers on

My Showcase Tracks
'Go ahead and cry' features Olivia Brame singing a mix of lyrics by Mike Mantecon and Tez Katajala. A beautiful song about accepting life as it is.
Powerful vibrations: 'The 5th dimension'. David&Buck as the lyrical/vocal team, JeanLui&Sotiris as the ultimate rhythm tandem. Great collab, cool JustVera track!
Some 15 years ago I composed an instrumental canvas. I added an original love story, based on personal experience and transformed it into 'Steel mills and apple pie'. Thank you G Tee Pee, Bill McCarthy, Caleb Anderson and Amy B. for helping me to create an epic piece, bringing back happy memories...
'The Healing'... Sure, it was my idea and it is my production. But my goodness... The ueber-excellent contributions of Joey six, Jim Bryan, Mark Miller and Jeff Bragg made to this 3-minute power ballad almost were too much for me. Do yourself a favour. Open up to 179 seconds of sheer Kompoz class.
Dark and awesome. That's 'Wretch' alright. Sean wrote some first class lyrics and his vocal performance is beyond compare. Not to mention his wicked guitar playing. And on top of that there's the solid bass Mark Bowen provided. Are you ready for some serious music?
Power, drive, pop. 'Fully charged' definitely has got it all. With the help of David Koehler, Buck M., VocalRun and Grandmaster Joey. Boost yourself:-).
'Descendant II' is the remake of an earlier version, with an entirely different jazzy vibe. Lyrics by Tez Katajala, Bill McCarthy on drums and Jim Bryan on fretless bass. Marc Brouwer's rearrangement of the piano part is truly great in every way and clearly showed the new direction. And on top of that: Kari DeNeal with an unequalled vocal performance... JustThat.
When I started 'Valhalla', I felt there was magic. Chris Bouchard (drums), Joey Six (guitars), Dave Koehler (lyrics) and Mike Patterson (vocals) must have felt the same. 'Valhalla' turned out as I hoped it would: with the Scandinavian vibe, the power and excitement in every vein. Enjoy these warriors!
Greed... It's one of the seven sins which are the subject of 'The goal'. Written by David Koehler and convincingly performed by Buck M. The musical stage is my usual Reason programming plus the subtle rhythm guitar of Nicola Offidani providing that special 80-ies feel. Enjoy!
'Angela' turned out beyond my expectations!-). A year ago there was Pepino who added a driving drumtrack. Then there was a long silence, until Buck&Dave showed up... Dave's passionate story inspired Buck to an extraordinary vocal performance. Sometimes lightning strikes and Magic happens...
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