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Willow Creek   United States of America
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My main passion is drums, and that's the main reason I joined Kompoz. I also play keyboard, bass, and guitar, but I'm mainly focused on building up my drumming repertoire.

My kit is and style are very versatile, but the music I love to play is metal. The drums lend themselves to that sound aswell in their current setup, and I'm gradually updating the kit to have perfect metal tones. For other percussion, I have a few shakers and some wood blocks; if your chorus is missing that finally touch, definitely don't be afraid to ask me for a single shaker track, I dig the little things.

I have a Kuzweil keyboard, and it does a lot of things well. If you need a homey jazz piano, or a 70's B3 organ, or a hard-hitting synth, I can get you covered without sounding like robotic midi.

My stringed instruments include a Schecter Damien Solo, which is a Les Paul style guitar with EMGs, a Fender P-bass and Jazz bass, and I have a decent amp and cab simulator that I use for my guitar and bass tones. I also have a baritone ukelele that I mainly just jam on, but it does record well. I am by no means a lead guitar player, but I have an ear for tone, and a box that will give you spacey cleans or searing leads.

I do mix, but I don't have any experience. I've taken a very thorough course and want to get some experience on some music other than my own, so get at me with that.

I am humble, I'd like to think, and realize that my playing, or equipment, might not be what you're looking for. If you invite me to a collaboration, I will give it everything I've got, and if you don't like it, I'll take no offense; we've all got that sound in our head, and if mine doesn't match yours, I won't take it personally.