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I am an Electronic Producer, well I wish that would sum it up... I am an audio engineer, work with DAW's, develop custom pre sets, custom built instrumentation (Ukes, Cigarbox Guitars/Bass's.) I play 23 instruments. Started working in a Hip Hop Studio. Spent time being an online radio Dj. Love and I participate in a lot of Mixtapes. Won't give up and if you have spent enough time developing a sound, then you know it is always a work in progress. Never a result.... Let's do something awesome!! I love this site, because it has gotten me away from self-production. You will always be surprised what a collab can do for your life. I am still learning and always hope to grow! Let's grow together!

I will help you out with anything to mixtapes to graphic design and videos, on a free scale. Just message me! I love what we all can do!!

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Karma Zombie - Young & Unafraid (Karma Zombie Moth Mix)


Chords of Banada

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Would love vocals on this

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Some kind of nightmare

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Awfully Long

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