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Thank you for all the love, support and invites I have received on this platform!

My Showcase Tracks
The intro track on the new album/ep I'm working on.
One of the latest collaborations I've worked on. I love this piece with lyrics based on a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca
Dream is just a beautiful track. This song was remixed so many times but this ambient version is gorgeous! Thanks to everyone who took part :) I was flattered by everyone's hard work.
This is very operatic. I was going through my collaborations over the last year and this definitely deserves a showcase spot.
A haunting symphonic-metal piece. Was a lot of fun to sing!
A song I was requested to do with free reign of lyrics and vocal style :) Had a blast and it turned out awesome!
Another symphonic metal piece that allowed me to play with the classical side of my voice more than usual. A great challenge and I really enjoyed working on this project.
A slow dramatic rock ballad.
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