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Canmore AB   Canada
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WHAT I DO:I learned how to play on an electric, moved to 12-string acoustic for 17 years, got suckered into being the lead guitarist of a host cover band for Open Mic Night, so I'm back on electric guitar. I have a number of originals that I've put down on 8-track, my latest desire is to find musicians and people with arranging experience to help me develop these to a point where I think they are the best they can be. I'd also love to help organize (through offering physical location and equipment) a "sessions"-type meeting place, where musicians can gather to hear each other's work and collaborate with each other.  That said - this virtual gathering place is the next best thing! STUFF I HAVE:  Roland TD-3 electronic drum kit, 3/4 size keyboard, Ibanez Arc50 electric guitar, Takamine jumbo body 6-string acoustic, a cheap crappy bass with decent strings, Zoom GFX-3 multi-effects unit, Korg D888 multi-track recorder, Shure 58 & Behringer stage mics (4-5), 16-channel, 6-channel, 4-channel stage mixers, Crate 60w amp, 2 x Yorkville powered speakers (250 watts each), 2 x Yorkville powered stage monitors (60 watts each), lots of mic stands, 1/4" and XLR cables, tuners, EQs, etc. Basically everything required for a 4-man stage setup, including the P.A. and the place to jam. 

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