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I'm a self taught guitarist, and a hack at a few other instruments.

I let my PLUS membership lapse, and I am not accepting invites at this time.

My Showcase Tracks
I can't say enough about how much these great members added to this song! Just a great collaboration!
Sela also did an awesome job on this spin-off
This was my first rocker, that introduced me to Kompoz's most awesome artists! This is how to get er done!
This old song breathes new life with help from my friends! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Kompozing, and the thrill of creating meaningful music with my friends!
A Mother's Love by Debbie Hughes This song is the first collab I did, as far as starting from scratch with Debbie's vocal idea. I believe we both were shocked at what we had begun. Don came aboard and added some backbone to the rhythm section, and then Smokey added that pedal steel part! WOW!
Don't come down if you can't make do
What a privilege to kompoz with these great artists!
This song is my first Staff Pick! This song came together in a few days! Amazing collaboration!!
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