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I am Kohinoor Roy, born in a Bengali Indian family, in the West Bengal State of the eastern part of India, that has given birth to many great Artists, Poets, Philosophers & Mystics in the past, who realized different forms of Art, Philosophy & Mysticism in their individual ways. Like Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Sri Sri Bamakshepa (Bamdev) & Ram Prasad ( Mystics), Swami Vivekananda (Spiritual Leader & Philosopher); Satyajit Ray (Academy award winning Filmmaker) & Rabindranath Tagore (Noble prize winner renowned Writer, Artist & Poet), to name from the many eminences. Since childhood, I am very much open minded, straight forward, experimental in my nature & attitudes & I've been much in love with Mother Nature than my usual study books & home works, although I used to manage them perfunctorily. To me, the real lessons of life starts after we come out of our days at school and start walking in the paths of the real life & face the real world. I’ve always considered the nature as my teacher and gave more importance to the real life studies & their visual & intrinsic understandings. These days being a Tantra Sadhak (Practitioner in the Path of Tantra), I realise Mother KALI as the embodiment of true Shakti & Mother nature.......Catching a falling Star has always been my fantasy. I remember my juvenile eyes were always open wide in wonder, whenever I visited the country side fields in the dark adventurous nights, far away from any artificial & electrical light sources, to see the distant horizon touching the dark starry night sky & kissing the galaxies of uncountable stars. Then the eyes use to start roaming to catch the glimpse of any one of them falling down from one part to another part of the sky making a wonderful arch in the background of the dark starry night sky.To me, Life should never be a Higher Mathematics which we should always be worried to solve…Rather it should be taken as simple as it is and lived following its own Natural Rhythm. But of course if required, we should be well aware, open eyed & competent enough to solve any Higher Mathematics hidden in it...Whenever I look at the Stars, I feel that infinity is the ultimate reality. So I bow down before the infinity of the COSMOS & mentally chant:ANANTHAYA NAMAH OM......My MusicWhen I am awake,I breathe music, I drink music, I eat musicWhen I sleep, I dream musicWhen I meditate, I resonate to music-Kohinoor RoyThese days, as an innovative & experimental Musician, apart from scoring many different types of Background Film & TV scores, I've been preparing some New Age Psychedelic Rock & Electronic Trance music instrumentals for the Global Audience, which are motivating for relaxation of the body, mind & the soul, meditation, healing & the visualization of chakras, planets & other worlds, Inner journeys within the self along with some prayer dance (arati) music for Lord Shiva & Goddess Kali (Mother Nature) & rhythm & percussion instruments like Tabla, Khol, Kasha & bells with Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synthesizers & Digital percussion mixed with Digital recording..…..My Nature & PhilosophyI feel that visions for visuals & mental audition for music are like two combined aspects like the Shiva & the Shakti, the two universal male & female energies in us, because according to the Tantra, where there is Shiva, the Shakti will also be naturally present there, and they can never be separated from their eternal union, as long as the entire creation exists.....I believe that all our thoughts, visuals & Imaginations belong to the COSMOS and are showered in us as the blessings of the COSMOS. We act simply as Transponders to Vehicle those Energy waves down in us and integrate ourselves with the Universal Divine Harmony…Mother Nature is same for all that I firmly believe with all my prevailing senses. All what we see in different variations are same to me like a same expression in different languages and the same single truth in various manifestations. The freedom of choice is ours to choose our individual paths to reach the ultimate GOAL according to our own convenience, as the SUPREME AND ULTIMATE GOAL eternally remains the same for all the paths.I am very much independent in nature and I like to live life in my own style. I think that living life itself is a great form of art and Creativity certainly helps to live life better. Also happiness is the most important part of it which money can’t buy. So I feel that to live life happily we don’t require huge money but do require style, an open eye and certain set of attitudes and understandings to make life colorful and happy. Mother Nature has bestowed all of us with her huge and endless gifts and Natural resources on which all of us got equal rights. She is the greatest Artist & she paints a new Sunset sky everyday with her set of colors, that I cherish to see & enjoy, forgetting all sorrows & pains of our daily mundane life…….…..I always feel grateful to Mother Nature for all her wonderful gifts.Thanking all of you for visiting my profile. Love & best wishes for all of you there.May every body, every where always be happy, peaceful and blessed by the Almighty…Kohinoor Roy