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Canberra ACT   Australia
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I'm an old school Metal Head Guitar and Bass player. I enjoy writing my own tunes and have been in several local Canberra bands over the years. I am currently developing a YouTube channel which I want to mainly focus around collaboration of all kinds and the love of all things metal \m/.The thing that truly excites me about music is the joy of working and producing something moving and unique with other people. This is the main thing that has drawn me here to Kompoz.

I am primarily an electric guitar player, both rhythm and lead, but also play bass. In terms of influences, in the sphere of metal, its mostly old school stuff with Iron Maiden being top of the list followed closely by Opeth and Devin Townsend and then the usual suspects - Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer etc. I am particularly drawn to the beautiful sounds of melancholia and lately have been really digging stuff like Porcupine Tree and Steve Wilson. I also have some more diverse tastes - Billy Joel is a massive favourite (the melancholy thing again), Portishead, Pendulum and basically anything that can surprise me and move me in coming at something in a new way. I am very excited to collaborate with people here on Kompoz and pretty keen to try my hand at a range of different genre's and projects. So hit me up and lets jam!