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I wasn't born in Brazil but have been living here for the biggest part of my life, so I consider this country my home. I'm often in other places though. I've been doing many things in life, among them being a professional jazz musician for a couple of years. I still play a lot. What I like most is working together to create great music.

My Showcase Tracks
"Sólo un minuto" with a new vocal talent on Kompoz, katiria. I love what she did with this Latin reggae. Thank you also Jorge for overall help and mastering.
"Continental" by MikeyMojo. I did the horn arrangement with TommyN. A real horn section! I like how it contributes to the overall vibe of the song.
"Honesty". Larry Kendrick played a little 'diddle' on guitar, and David Gardiner came up with lyrics. The task was to write a melody that would join these two elements together. I love this kind of challenge!
"A Million Red Red Roses Red". Joel Sattler wrote lyrics based on a poem by Andrei Voznesensky about a painter who was in love with a French actress, and who sold everything he had to fill the square with roses for her. I just had to write a melody for this. Felix S did the guitars.
"Unknown Right At This Moment", a composition with Jorge Paulo for the Kompoz-a-thon 1.0 challenge. The chord sequence was given, I wanted to do a Ska. Jayesh had some lyrics about Batman who's too shy to dance. Perfect! Thanks also Miki for the alto sax.
"Hoje", arrangement of a song by Dani Greco. I wanted to create some Brazilian harmonies in a relaxed jazz bar atmosphere, to go along with her beautiful voice. With drums by Raul, mixed by Ric Camargo.
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