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Manchester Lancashire   United Kingdom
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I'm an amatuer lyricist that has died and gone to kompoz.

Praise of Songs (Haha... see what I did here?)

5 members

A Group to praise other Kompoz Collaborators' work.   I created this group because there is so much hidden talent among the Kompoz Community which does not get the credit it deserves. So the idea is, if you stumble upon a project which you think ...

Sing Me A Story Foundation's Collaboration Group

74 members

Song Me a Story is a non-profit foundation who's mission is to bring the voices of children in need to the world -- through music.   Children who are facing illness and battling diseases are getting their stories of survival turned into a song, th...

Gig Bag Radio Show

78 members

The Gig Bag Radio Show is an internet radio station Ladywoo and myself are running which features indie/unsigned artists only.  The purpose is to basically have a bit of fun, as well as showcase some of the awesome talent at and beyond. fin...

Collaboration Do's and Don'ts

175 members

Share your tips and tricks in the collaboration arena. Ask for best practices from the folks that have been doing it for a long time. And, if you are not a noobie, give the new guy a hand up.

New Member Support Group

668 members

The New Member Support Group is for anyone who is new to Kompoz and online collaborating. This a group where newcomers can support and encourage one another to gain the confidence to quickly get up and running in the Kompoz community. All skill levels ...

All About Promotion and Income Generation

186 members

Get yourself out there. Find an audience. Establish your brand. Sell your tunes to Radio, TV and Film. Make a CD and market it. Get your tunes in the iTunes store, spotify. 

Lyrics, Songwriting and Arranging

895 members

Share your ideas, resources, etc