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Hi My name is Michael I am 29 years old and I have had a bit of a journey I was trained on alto saxophone when I was in Primary and Early High School, I stopped playing the saxophone and left music at the same time, my brother is a full time musician and I guess you could say that him and a couple of his friends and others I knew always inspired me with their music but I was in a place where I was lost and was on the wrong side of the rails so to speak.

In a brief period I signed up too do music lessons with a very talented somewhat well known singer and he at the time we were also working on one of my original songs I wrote. Got a bit of it off the ground never finished because my wrong choices took me out.

In 2018 I found God and felt led to seek the professional help I needed and when I was in the right headspace I joined the local church worship team as a backup vocalist and I signed up for singing lessons well the passion and fire is now in me. God has help give me a passion and drive I haven?t had In a long time planning to release an EP, On a Journey learning about song writing, I have a small digital cabinet of lyrics I reckon are pretty good. So play nice I do take feedback on board I feel that writing the lyrics is my strength but I need other talents to help me get it into a song.