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After a second hiatus, I've rekindled a passion for guitar and music. In years past, I was lead & rhythm guitarist, some lead vocals, backing vocals, and participating song writer in a 3 piece hard rock/punk/heavy metal group. I was very serious for about 8 years, then moved on....or life moved me on... Anyway, I'm back to playing and will be posting some old riffs, kind of old riffs, and new ones to see where we can take them.

Just Because

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
23 Files, 5yr+8mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf, JennyK, xvpusw + 1 more

9 tons - Heavy Metal

4 Files, 5yr+11mo ago
dmitrysbor dmitrysbor, LoneWolf

Lucid Dreams

33 Files, 4yr+11mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf, HeavyHeadDynasty


1 File, 6yr+1mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf

I Don't Know

Hard Rock
4 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf

A New Masquerade

American Trad Rock
38 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
Klangsport Klangsport, MonsterKabouter, rockindrummer68 + 3 more

Tell Me Why

Hard Rock
33 Files, 2yr+1mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf, thevoice


2 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf

Doom Rift

11 Files, 6yr+1mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf, Dabbler16, xvpusw


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
13 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
Airone Airone, LoneWolf

On and On

Hard Rock
3 Files, 6yr+8mo ago
LoneWolf LoneWolf


American Trad Rock
38 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
rockindrummer68 rockindrummer68, Klangsport, LoneWolf + 2 more