MDK Sven-Martin Keil

Jacksonville NC   United States of America
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Most folks call me Marty, although you can call me whatever you wish. "Sven-Martin" is a title bestowed upon me by Bjorn, as an honorary Swede.

I started playing sax and violin in 4th grade, played through high school, college, and played sax 4 years in the US Marine Corps. In 1985 I played in a country band and was forced into playing keyboards, harmonica and singing (since there is apparently no jazz in North Carolina). I have always loved the jazz genre, although I enjoy playing and creating just about any style of music. I also attempt to play flute, recorder, mandolin, ukulele (none too well). I do some drum programming and anything else I can think of to corrupt whatever I put my fingers on.

All of my kompozitionalizing is achieved in my shedio (shed/studio) and I do not always have a lot of time there, so I try to organize my time so I can do several things at once when I get shedio time. Otherwise I type and listen from the stupid Vista computer in the house.

I WAS in a band playing R&B, 60's & 70's Motown, 70's Dance and Oldies... now I'm doing the musical duo thing playing classics from the 60's, 70's, and a few newer ones.

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BI tacora  is the name of my personal new project. i'm trying to record and album with the help of musicians all over the world, old and new friends. i invite to this group those who had partecipate here at Kompoz. thanks  

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