Macilias Maciek Niemczyk

Hamburg Hamburg   Germany
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6 - 12 Piano

12 - now Guitar

14 - 18: first band (Black Days) [Hard Rock - Metal]

20 - 26: first act (Inspiraz) [PsyTrance - Tribal - Goa]

26 - 30: lot of jamsassions [Blues - Ambient - Alternative]

32 - 33: Misfits cover band [Punk Rock]

33 - 39: homerecoding / getting down ideas from several periods

39 - now: releasing the results :)

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My Showcase Tracks
My first really finished track. It took a while, but each second was worth it!
I feel like this track still needs something, but I'm not sure what ...
I love this song, a real hymn of present tense!
Another great collaboration with Ryan.
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No Doubt About It (feat. Macilias)

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