MadmX D Johnson

Arizona   United States of America
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NP 21

1 File, 8yr+4mo ago
MadmX MadmX

NP 22 (To be named later)

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
MadmX MadmX

6 Feet & Loaded

American Trad Rock
1 File, 11yr+7mo ago
MadmX MadmX

NP 16

6 Files, 11yr+10mo ago
MadmX MadmX

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Filthy Lies

13 Files, 11yr+12mo ago
SteveL SteveL, Jessica, MadmX + 2 more

All about you

American Trad Rock
18 Files, 11yr+13mo ago
SteveL SteveL, Jessica, JUI + 2 more

This Great Big Thing Called Life

American Trad Rock
22 Files, 12yr+5mo ago
SteveL SteveL, Jessica, Wire-and-Wood + 2 more


American Trad Rock
33 Files, 12yr+6mo ago
SteveL SteveL, MikeL, MadmX + 2 more

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MadmX endorsed Brannon for Guitar-Rhythm, Songwriting-Lyrics
6yr+4mo ago
MadmX endorsed Jessica for Songwriting-Lyrics, Vocals
6yr+6mo ago
MadmX accepted the mix MadmX uploaded to the collaboration Gimme some skin!
6yr+6mo ago