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***Not accepting further collaborations for the moment. Later on maybe ? Thanks ! ***

She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.

C. Bukowski

I write lyrics in english and french, since I have been partly raised in Texas and France. I like to find my own melodies, and have many ideas on my vocals, most of the time, for backing vocals. I don't like being called on projects to do solely backing vocals when I am not inspired to do them myself. Music comes as a flow, an uncontrolable inspiration from above... or not at all.

I have been singing and writing since I was 16, and I have participated in many different projects before, mostly recordings. I record today on my own.

I haven't taken much singing lessons in my life, just basic ones.

I must be a contralto, somewhere between B2 and D5, with the technique of dropping notes and shaky vibrato that finish by giving a unique style.

Thanks Uranus.

FOR INVITATONS TO COLLABS : Please PM me, I don't always check the invitations that are pending.


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