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Majestyc Symphony was founded in November 2011 by Robert Ames, it wasnt created just to bring music into peoples lives, it was created to give them lives and to improve the quality of their lives. Roberts love for helping others and knowledge of non-profit organizations drove the decision to make Majestyc Symphony a gateway to help charities by donating some of the profit made to a promoted charity for each month. 5% of all sold merchandise will be donated to a charity. If you wanted to just make a donation to the promoted charity for the month, let Robert know and he will guide you on how to make the donation to the charity for the full 100% of your donation.

Name: Robert Ames Stage Name: Shade Born: April 6, 1989 Hometown: I was born in Independance Missouri but I grew up in Topeka Kansas. Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard Joined Majestyc Symphony: November 2011 (Founder) Favorite Quote: "Let your dreams become a reality." Why I Created Majestyc Symphony: I really want to help others and this was a gateway for me to do just that and I have an extreme passion for playing music. Musical History: Ive been playing music ever since I picked up the recorder in grade school and at the age of six I really wanted to be in a band. After the year that we played the recorder in school we came to concert band where I tried out for the drums (my favorite instrument at the time), though I knew how to play the drums I didnt get the part because the snare drum was set too high and I kept hitting the rim. So I chose to play clarinet and did so for the rest of my grade school years. In 8th grade I left that school and went to another, I started playing drums in that school though there was one problem, I didnt know how to read music very well and caused me a lot of problems. It was like this for me in high school as well. The music only got harder and I could really only play by ear, which made me have to sit out of a lot of the songs and I almost never went to the football games or other concerts. Ive been in a few bands since but nothing really was satisfying, the styles were just too common for me. Ive also learned all of the different instruments that it would take to play the style of music that I wanted and have at least some playing experience in all of them, yet mastering none of them. In November of 2011 I decided that it was time for me to start my own band and came up with Majestyc Symphony and here we are today, finally getting what I was looking for since the age of six.

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