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Just a guy who loves to write music. I do what I can to help build the ideas up, & then enlist/beg musicians I know & strangers from the internet to finish them. I recorded this in Digital Performer 5.8 & hated every minute of the process. This Mac felt like I was arguing with a stubborn bitchy girlfriend who just wouldn't listen to me no matter how much I assured her that my requests were rational. So be it. It would be sweet if someone was interested in mixing/editing/splicing or working this into something new. The creative commons license thing is pretty sweet. I'd like to see this turn into something newer & bigger. I'm open to suggestions & criticism.  Visit my crap myspace page for other songs & more details if you feel so inclined. Big up to my fellow nerds on reddit.  

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Damn you Stephen Hawking

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Just like Icarus-

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