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Kompoz Lyricist.

I have had the joy to collaborate with many musicians and singers much more talented than I.

I'm not always the fastest to respond nowadays - but if you are interested in inviting me to something I will try to get back to you.

Please, when you invite me - also send a message. That way it doesn't get lost in my notifications, lol.

I write in all styles and for all people. Plus, if you want someone who is humble, willing to make any changes to his work, and truly loves to collaborate, that's the person I give my best to be day in and day out here. :)

As a lyricist I believe I am telling the story that the music speaks to me, and I am telling the story of the people I am writing for. I take that VERY seriously as a obligation.

Oh, and be sure to message me if I forgot to comment on something, accept something, or say yes to a seller agreement. I try my best . . . but I never take any offense to being told that I missed something.

I feel like I am experiencing a return to my glory days here on Kompoz. There will always be slumps in creativity, but I'm riding the high for as long as I can!

So invite me if you dare to (lol), I would LOVE to be your lyricist!

- MikeJM

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