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I'm a passionate musician who listens to almost all kinds of music.

As an adolescent, I learned piano in the conservatory of Lausanne for 5 years.

Musical ideas always come

when my body and mind are totally relaxed and totally stress free.

To me,

meditation is the best way to travel

in my true inner self and to unleash my true inner creativity.


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It's just a very funny song about some guy who just got a very bad day :) This is my first Blues song, and also my first funny one :) Thank you so much all my fellow collaborators ;) Thank you so much all fellow Kompozers who support AVBD ;)
This is My First Project on Kompoz ever ! I love that song :) I was just sitting on my chair...thinking deeply about music... and then all of a sudden this piano instrumental came out of nowhere and built itself in my head progressively... and when the instrumental was complete in my head...I began to be very exited and I immediately came to my keyboard controller to make it real !
Long night out indeed ! I didn't sleep, but it was a blast working with such an amazing music :) And it's my first complete multitrack song ever ! Well, I didn't find a male vocalist to sing my song so I gave it a try. Many thanks to Brian Culbertson and his super team, and to Kompoz team for organizing such a terrific contest ! P.S : As with all relaxing music ( in my opinion ), this song is best listened to with audiophile ear-cup headphones.
This is my first lullaby ever. I love that song :) Niki, your heavenly vocals gave an awesome life to the lyrics and the music ! Thank you so much ;) Paul, your magnificent orchestra gave much more emotional strength to the instrumental ! Thank you so much ;) All fellow Kompozers who supported our project: Thank you so much as well ;)
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