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I have been playing guitar and bass off and on for over 40 years. Been playing keyboards for around three or four. Have played in a few rock and blues bands. Retired from playing live many years ago. Got back into music when I started playing piano and synth. But I still love playing Guitar. My solo work I do a lot of keyboard-based instrumentals, but I enjoy helping out on other members music playing guitar or keyboards. I can also mix a bit. I have a few songs of my own that I would love to have other members participate on. Here is a link to some of my solo stuff. Some are finished, and others I'm still working on. You can also find me on Spotify!

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Just Jamin away on the Guitar in the beginning and middle. At the end played some nasty Keytar Synth...
lead I put down on Harplines Really cool song.
Song started by GeorgeSC Lyrics by wordsmith BKWilliamson. Thanks to George who mixed this, let me play some nasty blues guitar licks on it!
I played a small part in this one. Turned out great!
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