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A 20yr+ veteran of Sound & Stage. Professional Studio Musician with Planet Studios in Manhattan, NY. Formerly signed artist with Giant Records. Skilled Vocalist, Guitarist(all types), Keyboardist, Midi-Synth Guitar, Singer/Song Writer.

No attitude, chip or inflated ego. Truly...just a guy looking to jam, make great music, & enjoy the ride.

My Showcase Tracks
A little Metal to start the day. My first foray in the genre. Hats off to Jurgen & fellow collaborators on this classic metal piece.
The exceptionally talented songwriter Maia & the ethereal synth sounds by Tom, made this ethereal composition a MUST listen. Thank you both for such inspiration.
Wow...never considered myself a country guy....but LJ's lyrics complimented by Nicolej grasp of the genre had me reeling. new favorite country composition.
Gunther's songwriting is exceptional...& Patricia's lyrics send the message. It was my absolute pleasure to contribute to this piece.
Another Gunther/Patricia collaboration...that I just had to add vocals to. Thank you both for the great opportunity to sing over such great music & lyrics.
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