MrMaunus Maunu Yli-Ilkka

Turku Varsinais suomi   Finland
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I've long history with producing electronic music and with it mixing and home mastering. I've also midi-keyboard which I have some experience with.

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Arch Angel

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MrMaunus MrMaunus

Spirit Journey

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MrMaunus MrMaunus

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Sela performs Run For The Sun EDM megamixes

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Mysterian Mysterian, selaperforms, MattyB + 3 more

Blistering Chaos

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xd238 xd238, Sid, Emmett + 2 more

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MrMaunus uploaded a MP3 file (v1) of type Engineering-Scratch Demo to the collaboration Arch Angel
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MrMaunus endorsed Emae for Vocals-Female, Songwriting-Lyrics, Songwriting-Arrangement
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MrMaunus uploaded a MP3 file (v1) of type Engineering-Mixing to the collaboration Spirit Journey
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MrMaunus endorsed Buttercup for Vocals-Female, Making melodies
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MrMaunus endorsed TheOther for Keyboards-Synth
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MrMaunus created a Trance collaboration titled Arch Angel
2mo+10dy ago
MrMaunus created a House collaboration titled Spirit Journey
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