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I write, I play and I enjoy the day

Main project:


If you upload a demo, please upload the Sep at the same time!!!!

I accept all lyrics uploaded so that a vocalist has a choice.

I've been playing drums since 1979 and keyboards since 1992.

More of a composer now, let me know if I can assist in any way.

Always glad to help.!

The System got us Beat

2 Files, 7 days ago
guidaseag guidaseag, Mykk, SimonW

Lest I forget (Journey Into Delirium spin-off)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
74 Files
lazaroujean lazaroujean, Mykk, JeanToudou + 4 more

A Christmas Hug

5 Files, 2mo+18dy ago
Wvcoffeechick Wvcoffeechick

Smooth Grooving

Alternative Rap
24 Files
gocubs154 gocubs154

Sunset (In Memoriam)

1 File, 7mo+24dy ago
TedAmorim TedAmorim, Mykk

So Tired (Spin-off from Piano In April)

Modern Composition
7 Files, 7mo+15dy ago
lazaroujean lazaroujean, Mykk, Midipunk

Do you want play with me?

17 Files, 7mo+20dy ago
Supersly Supersly, DrumTorque, jeanlazarou + 2 more

I am still here (Piano In April Spin-Off)

3 Files, 7mo+25dy ago
formfisch formfisch, Mykk, Wvcoffeechick

Rainbows will Rise (Piano In April) - Mykk Freeman Collab Challenge

Modern Composition
4 Files, 7mo+29dy ago
SimonW SimonW, Mykk, bcstudios

Before I say goodbye

8 Files, 7mo+29dy ago
thejohnnygray thejohnnygray, EdsonCastro, Mykk + 2 more

Sick in the head again

10 Files, 6mo+22dy ago
Mykk Mykk, bcstudios

Kompoz-A-Thon Challenge '19: 4/12-18

5 Files, 9mo+6dy ago
formfisch formfisch

Kompoz-A-Thon Challenge '19: 4/12-18

6 Files, 6mo+16dy ago
Mykk Mykk, DonnieAlan, MikeJM + 1 more

Kompoz-A-Thon Challenge '19: 4/12-18

2 Files, 9mo+10dy ago
MikeJM MikeJM, DonnieAlan, Mykk

Upbeat Tune

2 Files, 7mo+9dy ago
Mykk Mykk

Hurt Me

8 Files, 9mo+14dy ago
peterrand peterrand, Mykk


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
3 Files, 9mo+15dy ago
Mykk Mykk

Electro Jazz

6 Files, 6mo+18dy ago
Mykk Mykk

Piano In April

Modern Composition
2 Files, 8mo+3dy ago
Mykk Mykk

She Ain't that Bad (The Story of Modene Gunch)

Delta Blues
30 Files, 9mo+14dy ago
Mykk Mykk, Bulldawg, DexLoga

new blues

Chicago Blues
15 Files, 1mo+15dy ago
Mykk Mykk, jpnelson025, Nikoli


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
5 Files, 9mo+26dy ago
Joelange Joelange, Mykk

Your Mercy (feat: Susan Fidler)

16 Files
Mykk Mykk, Pvogel, RElbertson + 3 more

Country Swinging

2 Files, 9mo+4dy ago
Mykk Mykk, Deeptrope

My Redemption

Modern Composition
3 Files, 3 months ago
Mykk Mykk


19 Files, 9mo+24dy ago
peterrand peterrand, selaperforms, DonnieAlan + 2 more

Caught in the system

2 Files, 10mo+9dy ago
SimonW SimonW, Mykk


Electric Blues
1 File, 10mo+12dy ago
guidaseag guidaseag, MikeJM, Mykk

The Rain Rings on the Roof

Acoustic Blues
6 Files, 10mo+4dy ago
thejohnnygray thejohnnygray, joel_sattlersongs, Mykk + 1 more

Smooth Grooving

Alternative Rap
24 Files, 9mo+6dy ago
Mykk Mykk, ejay, DrumTorque

Piano in March

2 Files, 9mo+24dy ago
Mykk Mykk

Finger Painting

Alternative Country
6 Files, 10mo+18dy ago
dazzos dazzos, MikiBella, Mykk

Composition idea

1 File, 10mo+21dy ago
Mykk Mykk

Goodbye My Friend

Alternative Rap
10 Files, 9 months ago
ShiningStar ShiningStar, Mykk, devamo + 1 more

Journey Into Delirium

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
76 Files, 1mo+17dy ago
Moonrunner Moonrunner, Mykk, ForestUK + 3 more