Mysterian Ian Middleton

Bengeo   United Kingdom
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Musical magpie, happiest adding and collaborating. Open to everything. Songwriter, Singer (not great, though), Guitar, Bass, FX, Mixer, Producer.

Rolf Allstars

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A selection of tracks for Neil ( @rolf ) to inspire, amuse and entertain. Some music for you, from your friends! Get better soon Neil!    

Into the Garden - the Home Made Concept Album 27-29 March 2019

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Every year since 2008 I meet up with @rolf with the ambitious goal of creating a concept album from scratch in just three days... (2 and a half if you count getting there and taking a quick stop at the Sainsburys in Keynsham for beer and crisps).  ...

Herbs and Spices (Concept Album 10-15 May 2017)

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So.... what goes around, comes around... this year's concept album in 3 days takes the theme of "Herbs and Spices". We've written nothing, and will be posting up songs, tracks, noodles, chanting and the usual off-beam stuff between 10-1...

Famous people concept album 2016

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Every year me and @rolf meet up in real life to concept, write, record and finish off a 6 or 7 track concept album in just a few days. For 2016 this will take place on 20, 21, 22 April. so from about 3pm on the 20th we'll start posting up track...

SHEEP! 2015 concept album project

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Concept album: collaborators wanted... May 21, and May 22 Every year I meet up with Rolf (Neil Wilson) for a few days and record new songs, compositions. so we're looking for any collaborators to help us. We write and record as we go along, and t...

Front Porch Collective

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The spiritual home for all those who relish sitting on the front porch, picking on a guitar and sipping a cold beer. Anything acoustic. Guitars, banjos, mandos, dobros, fiddles. Let's all play them or chat about them. Keep it real.