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okeedokee, so 2021 where are we at;

so far dealing with Gallstones, oh joy oh bliss,

and otherwise living with chronic illnesses has kept me quiet over last year. i am also an Artisan in the world, as well as a Traditional Healing Arts Practitioner, but this year past like most of us has transformed life as we know it.

so music is when I am in good health a place I love to be.

been singing since I was a child. choirs, turned to talent shows, turned to fundraiser music events, turned into gigs, turned into studio making albums.

have by now 6-7 albums/bodies of music I have made over the years;

and one of my favourite things about kompoz is the ability to meet people from all over the world. and make music.

i am a big communicator, a natural musician, and I am a singer thru and thru.

HUGZ to 2021 and peace to us all.


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