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okeedokee, so 2021 where are we at?

so far dealing with Gallstones, oh joy oh bliss, after being told it is non essential surgery ( that term in and of itself is an oxymoron) it has become clear Canadian Free health is broken and turning into medical sad...

and otherwise living with chronic illnesses has kept me quiet over my life to an extent but i keep getting up one more time, each time i fall on my ass... i am also an Artisan in the world, as well as a Traditional Healing Arts Practitioner. Working on a few projects am always multitasking so message me if you are not sure about something, i am around.

And music is, when I am in good health, a place I love to be. BIG SMILES. been singing since I was a child. choirs, turned to talent shows, turned to fundraiser music events, turned into gigs, turned into studio making albums.

have by now 6-7 albums/bodies of music I have made over the years;

you can also find me now on=

Apple Music


YouTube Music

Claro Música

Amazon Music

VIA which is the most AWESOME BRIDGE FOR INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS....waited decades for this!!!

1)one of my favourite things about kompoz is the ability to meet people from all over the world. and make music.

2)i am a big communicator, a natural musician, and I am a singer thru and thru.

3) i live by this motto= I do not harm but also take no shit, so please be kind and rewind your bad attitude at the door. there is enough of animosity in the world, it does not need to be here in our music as well.

HUGZ to 2021 and peace/wellness/health sovereignty to us all.

~Ay Ses

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