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We are the Nine Mile Ride Project, 2 songwriters Hads & AL, that back in the day walked on the nine mile ride to rehearsals carring equipment to play in AL's garage

We have been life long friends and have been in bands together, produced CD's through labels, had fun playing at the festival scene during the brit pop era etc,,,,, only life took different paths, The love of music has never departed and now through technology and the need to make music we started writing again with AL now based in Australia after being in every Country possible and Hads back in UK after 10 years in different parts of Europe.

We have 100s of songs and parts songs built up over the years.

Since starting again we have had some interest from publishers for our songs, we have decided to wait a few months, we would like to record our new demos first in the way we want them and then look at what direction to follow, the thought of creating something purely from online collaborations, is truly revolutionary and would not have been available to the general public 4 - 5 years ago and that is really exciting.

The wide spectrum of influences, talents, is just outstanding and we look forward to collaborations with a number of people from the digital world, all with the same passion, to create great music what ever the genre.

We are starting to upload our demo/scratch versions of our songs. We will be keeping the tracks private for now until we become more comfortable with this media and the real correct use of copyright format Thanks and hope some good ideas will come