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Osama Qureshi (born September 24, 1993), also known by his nick name Nooli-SaAaM, is a Pakistani music producer, Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan. Osama Qurehsi?s music career started in 2008 by using different kinds of audio softwares and programs. He believes in non traditional music theories! therefore with the urge of exploring new sounds constantly, he made his own unique music style to express personnel life experiences, ideas and inspirations through music.

Life Without Equilibrium

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NooliSaAaM NooliSaAaM, liljoe6string

Hopeless Lover

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NooliSaAaM NooliSaAaM, liljoe6string, Ali7Star

Prisoner of Society (Mark Deckard)

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NooliSaAaM NooliSaAaM

Love Track.

Soft Rock
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NooliSaAaM NooliSaAaM, KR00M, NicolaOffidani + 1 more

Psychological War

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Starting Point!

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