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Nanaimo British Columbia   Canada
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Lover of Music!

My primary instrument is the electric bass with 30 years of Rock, Blues,Folk/Americana,Metal and Experimental experience.

Engineering and producing has been a passion of mine. For over the last 17 year I have gained experience working on my own projects and for others.

Always looking for interesting new projects to collaborate on as a player or mixing engineer.

Boom Boom Boomerang (Kory at OpenGlobe COOLio interpretation)

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Boom Boom Boomerang (an engelSerg INVENTION--straight outta Jerusalem) :)

Avant-Garde Jazz
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BROTHER (The Inspirational BEUBI, Banging Drums of Alex, The Smokin Hot J Sixing, Weave Master Kory)

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Spaces Between

Adult Contemporary
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Watch me now

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