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Edmonton Alberta   Canada
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Writing performing but mostly recording music on and off for about 20 years. I have tracked mixed mastered and performed all sorts of supportive roles for a number of Canadian groups and solo artists including QED out of Winnipeg, RC Sindicate, FMB, Darkroom, Will Belcourt, Moe Burg and Pursuit of Happiness just to name a few.

I am currently focused on Mastering projects for folks that need a competitive sound and a specific tone as good or better than anything coming out of pricey L.A. or New York based Mastering Suites. I believe having a good collection of songs is only part of what you need for success and you could argue that is not even the most important part. Lots of bad sounding 17 year old girls lip syncing to bubblegum tracks that have been protooled to death well they prance around in scantily clad.... Sorry I am getting carried away and I have to remember that it is called the music business for a reason. So in conclusion if you want that extra sonic edge to your next project try mastering by Paradox.