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Self-taught keyboard/piano player for more than 15 years,I like composing, creating arrangements and sometimes writing words. At first I composed in the style of "theme / movie" music, but in time I began to compose for singers.

This music is for me a world apart, my world apart.

My playing comes especially frommy heart, my inspiration comes from my spirit, naturally.My influences come to me from everywhere, all the time, from what I like or I don't like.I like all styles of music, but not hard rock so much (sorry).

I don't play in a band at the moment, just in my home studio.

I scratch at the guitar a little, and the bass, but my predilection is for the piano.

(Biography translated by Joel Sattler, thanks)

If we knew no limits (Pascal's spinoff)

4 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
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Si Demain

Adult Contemporary
19 Files, 2yr+1mo ago
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Wherever You Are

American Trad Rock
18 Files
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Coming Years

30 Files, 2yr+1mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, FIGSOUNDS, Cardell + 4 more

Sweet Heaven (Pascal's Spin-off)

15 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

If Tomorrow Never Comes

85 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
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I couldn't turn away (Hotjams lyrics)

3 Files
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

Fifhty 7

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

Le temps ne passera plus (The time will no more pass)

Adult Contemporary
10 Files, 6mo+3dy ago
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3 Files, 3yr+3mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

Your eyes are my windows

Soft Rock
13 Files, 9mo+5dy ago
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Art of Conversation (Pascal's SPIN-OFF)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
37 Files, 4yr+10mo ago
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Art of Conversation (Pascal's SPIN-OFF)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
25 Files
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Can't Get Enough

20 Files, 4yr+9mo ago
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__Walking Dead__

Original Score
45 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
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FunkJam (Pascal's Spin-off)

75 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
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What About Me ? (Spin-off by Pascal)

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Uh-huh (feat. Pascaloubien)

34 Files
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Maguadine (Pascal's Spin off)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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Words of World

29 Files, 5yr+8mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, Macilias

Beautiful Liar ( Pascal ) (Contest Entry)

Smooth Jazz
42 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, BrianCulbertson, Cardell

Farewell to the quest (a spinoff of Pascal's Pour Michel)

Adult Contemporary
43 Files, 3yr+4mo ago
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TD 56

6 Files, 6yr+3mo ago
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Pour Michel

Adult Contemporary
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Good goodbye

11 Files, 6yr+1mo ago
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Adult Alternative
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Vegas Highway

21 Files, 5yr+8mo ago
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Adagio d'Albinoni

3 Files, 7yr+11mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

Brother Louis

37 Files, 5yr+8mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, simon_lau, sloppy + 2 more

The way I'm feeling

Adult Alternative
9 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien

Latino , Latina

Salsa y Tropical
21 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
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Adult Alternative
25 Files, 4yr+11mo ago
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She said Hi

29 Files, 7yr+4mo ago
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Under the candle light

33 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
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Luz De Luna

8 Files, 8yr+6mo ago
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