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Self-taught keyboard/piano player for more than 15 years,I like composing, creating arrangements and sometimes writing words. At first I composed in the style of "theme / movie" music, but in time I began to compose for singers.

This music is for me a world apart, my world apart.

My playing comes especially frommy heart, my inspiration comes from my spirit, naturally.My influences come to me from everywhere, all the time, from what I like or I don't like.I like all styles of music, but not hard rock so much (sorry).

I don't play in a band at the moment, just in my home studio.

I scratch at the guitar a little, and the bass, but my predilection is for the piano.

(Biography translated by Joel Sattler, thanks)

Yo Dog

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Baby I lied to you (Bob Salsberry Mix spin)

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Baby I lied to you Pascal's arrangement (Scottyv lyrics)

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Baby I lied to you (Scottyv lyrics)

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Fall In Love Again

Soft Rock
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Sad Eyes (Remember)

Adult Contemporary
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Chicago Blues
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Hell to Pay

Southern Rock
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Magic (Scottyv lyrics)

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He's Calling Your Name (A Spin From Nicola's 'Ethereal Portraits')

New Age
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I Bambini (spin-off for Chrysse)

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In raw imagination

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105 (To Funk Daddy With Love)

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I'll Never Stop Loving You

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If we knew no limits (Mitchel Miller lyrics)

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Smooth Jazz
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This Time (feat. Pascaloubien)

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Les Cafes de Paris

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Les Cafes de Paris

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By Morning (Vocal & Lyric by SickCat) (Rhythm & Blues)

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Another day (Robert Miller lyrics)

Acoustic Blues
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Adult Contemporary
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The Echo (Mike Mantecon Lyrics)

Contemporary Folk
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Adult Contemporary
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Lights Above My Town

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Dreaming Of You (James Tanner Lyrics)

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Pride Pride Pride

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Harvest of colour (Roger Penkethman lyrics)

Celtic Folk
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Sweet Heaven III (Divine Redemption Version by the one and only Mudflappus)

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Theres no way

Adult Contemporary
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I Bear The Guilt (James Tanner Lyrics)

Alternative Country
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New Orleans Devil Blues (Joel Sattler lyrics) Kman spin

Country Blues
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Three Christmas Wishes written by Scotty V and Susan Fidler

Contemporary Country
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NEW ORLEANS DEVIL BLUES (lyrics by Joel Sattler)

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When I Catch You Looking At Me

Contemporary Folk
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Electric Blues
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